Our Partner Ministries

Community is life giving and essential to following Christ. Scriptures says that's because we are better together than we are alone
(Romans 12: 4-5). Our partner ministries help us to support and build community at the local, stage, and international level. Explore all of our partner ministries and help us to build a stronger community together.

  • Athens Pregnancy Center

    Athens Pregnancy Center is here to empower women & men facing pregnancy decisions. If you think you may be pregnant, please know we are here to help! Our compassionate, trained staff and volunteers will talk with you through your options and are here to answer any questions you may have. 

    Visit the Athens Pregnancy Center Website Here. 

  • Kares for Kids -  Atlanta Partners

    In 1990, the idea of creating a foundation to serve children was born. In 2005, Kares 4 Kids was started with the mission to help at many at-risk children as possible. As of 2020 the organization has served over 410,525 children and that number continues to grow with the help and support of communities across the nation.

    Visit the Kares 4 Kids Website Here

  • Athens College of Ministry (ACMin.)

    Equipping heads and hearts to serve as his hands and feet. ACMin programs are designed and integrated with building students' relationships at the core - relationships with God, with the school community, and within the context of Christian service opportunities

    Visit the Athens College of Ministry Website Here

  • Double Helix STEAM School

    Double Helix is a private school serving 3rd-8th graders located on the Young Harris Church campus. It is a school that celebrates the intersection of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. We are rooted in standards, but not bogged down by them. We are a school in which "teachable moments" drive instruction. This is a school that allows students to construct their own knowledge through projects and explorations without sacrificing the need to build requisite skills. We meet children where they are; we know where they need to be; and we honor multiple ways of getting there.

    Visit the Double Helix School Website Here.

  • Acceptance Recovery Center (ARC) - Athens, GA 

    "What sets us aside from other recovery residences is the level of proven structure and accountability each resident is required to abide by in order to participate in the program. Our residents are required to attend local community support meetings and maintain employment, all while completing evidence-based groups such as MRT, Prime Solutions, and other cognitive-behavioral therapies. Our program is not merely targeting a change of behavior. We are working with our residents to help them change the way they think so that they can change their behavior, thus reducing the incarceration, homelessness, and recidivism rates in Georgia" 

    - Founder, Brandy W. Anderson, BA, NCAC I, CAC II, MATS 

    Visit the ARC Website Here 

  • Covenant Care Adoptions Ministry

    Covenant Care Services started in 1989 as a state-licensed, non-profit Christian adoption and counseling agency. We have 30 years of experience serving women in all different circumstances. We provide counseling to women facing unexpected pregnancies and place children for adoption in two-parent, Christian homes. Our counselors are located throughout Georgia and meet with women across the state. With our experience we have learned how to best come alongside pregnant women to provide guidance and support.

    Visit the Covenant Care Adoptions Ministry Website Here.