"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicket ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

II Chrinicles 7:14


Hello thank you I am christian misisonary in europe If you can pray my brother to heal bipolar Doing bankruptcy after court case if you can pray for the lawyers 2 court cases to do things fast and well and this be finished soon for GOD to avenge me of the utter injustice I went through Just started new business please pray for God to give me success goal is 2000 dollars a day Mom radiation for skin cancer healing dad s health his contracts to continue My brother bipolar healing with natural remedies for their salvation For me to get along with people and with Jesus success in music girlfriend Nobody works for metal people many of them are sincere honest, they have a lot of integrity bands like sotrilege satan jockers they are nice people often better than church people if you could pray for heavy metal musicians fans all over the world nobody works for them and unless divine love comes to the rescue they would be lost forever thank you Suscribe youtube channel COURT CASE EXPLANATION Case one in France a lady worked 3 hours with quit tried to steal my money brought it back 3 weeks later with 3 guys in front of my house She trespassed came into my house Judge says I need to give her 6 month salary and for trying to get my money back need to give her 6000Euros total 150000 Euros I have never seen such injustice So I have to do bankruptcy as I have no money to pay CASE NUMBER 2 in USA a man answered an add we met in fort lauderdale I wanted to hire people for a business he took the papers I had in my hands refused to give them back I pushed him and he punched me very hard And pressed charges I had left to europe to be misisonry and they put court case I could not attend and they put a warrant My lawyer is waiting for the juge to sign the paper to eliminate warrant then I have to win the court case if you can pray thank you to win both court cases I can t believe someone would try to steal and have the nerve to bring to court such injustice in this world is going too far

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