Our Mission Statement,  Our Vision

Young Harris Memorial UMC is a congregation called to "Grow with God."  We are, therefore, "Growing with God" and seek to invite others to do so!  This congregation has been, is, and believes she is being sent out to cultivate, nurture, and harvest with God for His Glory!  We are called to share the Love of God with anyone and everyone!  We believe that this is our task: to Grow with God by making disciples of Jesus Christ, to care for people, to be God's witness to people, and to serve God and God's people accordingly.  We believe we are being sent into the world to do this.  We believe Athens is the starting place that we do this, but we believe God is not calling us only to Athens, but, instead to both Athens and beyond  We believe Young Harris Memorial UMC to be our home, our base, from where God is sending us out in ministry and mission.  We love this congregation, but it is not the end all, be all.  It is God's and not ours to hold. 

Our Mission Statement

We believe our Mission, moving forward, is to plant and to nurture Spirit-filled relationships in God through Christ-centered Prayer, Fellowship, Discipleship, Worship, and Service.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, by loving caring, serving and witnessing through Athens and the world, to the Glory of God!


Young Harris Memorial United Methodist Church

973 Prince Ave

Athens, GA 30606


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