The women of Young Harris are reading books from the 2013 United Methodist Women’s Reading program.

For 140 years, members of United Methodist Women and predecessor organizations

RP4030outcastsunitedhave been involved in mission work that required prayer, study and action. The Reading Program is a study opportunity, but also challenges women to act.

The first half of the year, the three UMW circles at Young Harris will rotate copies of three books on the list: “Rubble Nation:  Haiti’s Pain, Haiti’s Promise,” “Outcasts United” (the story of a refugee settlement in Clarkston, Ga.,  and “Praying for Strangers.”

The last half of 2013, we will have
“Everyday Justice,” “Plain Wisdom: An Invitation into an Amish Home and the Hearts of Two Women” and “Make Poverty Personal.”

Copies of the books will be available to any woman – or man for that matter – who would like to read them.

Books are shelved in the hallway between Fellowship Hall and the Whittemore Building.

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