Give thanks with your Young Harris family and help stock the Northeast Georgia Food Bank’s shelves! Please join us for lunch after church on November 22nd as we celebrate Thanksgiving together. Your cost for lunch? Just a non-perishable food donation!

Need an idea of the most asked for items at food banks?

  • Whole grain foods
    • Whole wheat pasta
    • Brown rice
    • Whole grain cereal
    • Whole wheat flour
    • Whole grain crackers
    • Plain oatmeal
  • Shelf stable milk (cow, soy, rice, etc.)
  • Fruit, dried or canned in light syrup or juice 
  • Low-sodium, no salt added vegetables
  • Low-sodium pasta sauce in plastic container
  • Foods high in protein 
    • Natural peanut butter (no hydrogenated oil)
    • Dried beans
    • Dried peas
    • Dried lentils
    • Canned tuna – canned in water, not oil
    • Canned salmon – canned in water, not oil
    • Canned chicken – canned in water, not oil
    • Unsalted nuts
  • 100% fruit and/or vegetable juice
  • Cooking oil
    • Olive oil
    • Canola oil

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