The Young Harris Untied Methodist Women is an organization for women in the church.  The purpose is to know God, create a supportive fellowship, and support missions.

We are organized as one large group, the UMW, and meet together four times a year, in January, in July for a salad luncheon, in September, and in December for our annual Christmas party.  the large group is divided into three circles, town that meet during the day and one that meets in the evening. This allowing women to choose which best fits their schedule. Each circle has a group leader and study leaders.  the circles meet in a member's home or at the church, once a month, to study, share news, and fellowship.

There are no dues, but we have a pledge service in January, when women decide how much they would like to give for the year.  A portion of the money collected goes to the Athens-Elberton District and the remainder goes into our treasury.  In addition, each circle takes responsibility to visit and send cards to a list of shut-ins who need our friendship and love. 


Young Harris Memorial United Methodist Church

973 Prince Ave

Athens, GA 30606


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